[Taxacom] New Classification of Phylum Magnoliophyta (angiosperms)

Kenneth Kinman kennethkinman at webtv.net
Sun Apr 26 19:03:06 CDT 2009

Dear All, 
       I've finished updating my classification of Phylum
Magnoliophyta (the 3 Classes of angiosperms).  Order Hydatellales, of
course, has been transferred from Class Liliopsida to Magnoliopsida.
I've also split off Cyperales (from APG's Poales), since it has been
shown to be a sister group to Xyridales. Order Dasypogonales is also
added to Liliopsida, and therefore the last of APG's "unplaced" families
is finally now placed!!!   A cause for celebration.
     Notice that there are only 3 paraphyletic taxa
(Magnoliopsida, Ranunculidae, and Dilleniidae), and their cladistic
interrelationships with {{exgroups}} are clearly shown. None of the
Orders is coded as paraphyletic, although I suspect that in the future a
few of them will turn out to be demonstrably paraphyletic (especially
Cornales, Aquifoliales, Geraniales, and/or Euphorbiales).                  
     Compared to the somewhat overlumped APG (Angiosperm Phylogeny
Group) system with 61 Orders, this classification has 79 Orders. Most of
the extra 18 Orders are ones that are still very widely used (such as
Cyperales, Orchidales, Bromeliales, Primulales, Polygonales,
Nepenthales, Polemoniales, Campanulales, Violales, Euphorbiales,
Podostemales, etc.). However, I recognize a lot fewer orders than most
traditional classifications (some of which are extremely split).
Comments are welcome.   

              ---------Ken Kinman     


  1  Class Magnoliopsida%% (basal dicots)          
          1  Amborellales 
            2  Hydatellales (incl. Archaefructaceae) 
            B  Nymphaeales 
            3  Austrobaileyales 
            4  {{Liliopsida}} (= monocots)  
            B  Ceratophyllales 
            C  {{Rosopsida}} (= eudicots)
            5  Chloranthales 
            6  Piperales
            B  Canellales
            7  Laurales
            8  Magnoliales     

_a_ Class Liliopsida (monocots)
            1  Acorales
            2  Alismatales
            3  Petrosaviales
            4  Dioscoreales
            B  Pandanales
            5  Liliales
            6  Orchidales
            B  Asparagales       
            7  Dasypogonales
            8  Arecales
            9  Zingiberales
            B  Commelinales 
           10  Bromeliales (incl. Typhaceae)
           11  Rapateales
           12  Cyperales
            B  Xyridales
           13  Poales (7 families)
                      1  Anarthriaceae 
                      B  Centrolepidaceae
                      3  Poaceae
                      4  Ecdeiocoleaceae
_b_ Class Rosopsida (eudicots)
          1 Subclass Ranunculidae%
                 1  Ranunculales
                 2  Sabiales
                 B  Proteales
                 3  Trochodendrales
                 4  Buxales
                 5  Gunnerales
                 6  {{"Core Eudicots"}}

        _1_ Subclass Dilleniidae%%
                 1  Saxifragales
                 B  Vitales
                 C  {{Rosidae}}
                 2  Dilleniales
                 3  Santalales
                 4  Berberidopsidales
                 5  Caryophyllales
                 B  Polygonales
                 C  Nepenthales
                 6  Balsaminales
                 B  Polemoniales
                 C  Primulales
                 D  Styracales
                 E  Theales
                 F  Ericales
                 7  Cornales
                 8  {{Asteridae}}         

       _a_  Subclass Asteridae (euasterids)      
                 1  Aquifoliales
                 B  Garryales
                 C  Gentianales
                 D  Solanales
                 E  Boraginales
                 F  Lamiales
                 2  Campanulales
                 B  Asterales
                 3  Escalloniales
                 4  Bruniales
                 5  Apiales
                 6  Dipsacales      
       _b_ Subclass Rosidae (rosids)   
                 1  Geraniales
                 B  Myrtales
                 2  Crossosomatales
                 B  Picramniales
                 C  Sapindales
                 D  Huerteales
                 E  Malvales
                 F  Brassicales
                 3  Zygophyllales
                 B  Fabales
                 C  Rosales
                 D  Fagales
                 E  Cucurbitales
                 4  Celastrales
                 5  Oxalidales
                 6  Violales
                 A  Euphorbiales
                 A  Podostemales
                 A  Ochnales 

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