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Subject:   Text Information Requested
Date:        04/27/2009  2105 hrs
From:       rferry at miosjournal.org
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When it was issued, the 1989 (instructor's) 6th edition of Insects, by 
Borror, Triplehorn, and Johnston was a welcome text for introductory 
grad studies in entomology. Alas, as time has passed, classifications 
have been altered (for better or for worse), and the undersigned 
solicits the entomologists of this forum for their wisdom. What do the 
Entomologists recommend as the comparable current volume? The prime 
focus is botanical (orchids), but with considerable overlap into the 
local flora and entomological fauna of south-central Texas. Suggestions 
are welcomed on or off-line.
Regards, Bob Ferry
editor, the MIOS Journal

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