[Taxacom] New Carabus pages in Coleoptera site

Andrei Lobanov all at zin.ru
Wed Apr 29 04:53:22 CDT 2009

Dear colleagues!

Within the limits of constantly replenished
atlas of beetles of Russia and Adjacent Lands,
(the number of specific pages already exceeds 4059)
recently based on efforts of well known expert on
the genus Carabus Dmitry Obydov
unique sections on several subgenera of the genus Carabus
are made. These sections include
the original illustrated indexes of species and subspecies
very convenient for fast viewing and comparison of taxa and specimens,
and also large-scale photos of the beetles, among which
many type specimens. Recently by D. Obydov is finished
section of the Atlas of Carabidae, devoted to subgenus Archiplectes
of the genus Carabus
(on the head page of the subgenus the unique illustrated
index of species and subspecies including 50 photos is created).
I invite to visit these pages.

Andrei Lobanov
Web-editor of Coleoptera site

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