[Taxacom] Cyperus polystachyos

Olga De Castro odecastr at unina.it
Thu Apr 30 08:08:25 CDT 2009

Dear collegue,
I am Dr Olga De Castro from Botanical Garden of Naples (Italy), and I am working about molecular study of Cyperus polystachyos (phylogeny and population genetic) in the world and in the fumarole in Italy. Because it is not simple to have a good sampling of all distribution, I have thought to send this eamil to this forum.

If you are a botanist and you have the possibility to sample it, may you help me?

I will be very happy if you may send me the specimes (small part of leaves or seeds), so I may have a good study.

For anything I am at your complete disposal.


Dr. Olga De Castro (Staff Scientist - Research Botanist)
Università degli Studi di Napoli "Federico II"
Dip. delle Scienze Biologiche 
Sez. Biologia Vegetale
Orto Botanico
Via Foria 223
Napoli I-80139
Office phone  +39-081-2538555
Lab phone     +39-081-2538529
Fax                 +39-081-2538523 or -450165

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