[Taxacom] Mystery author?

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PS to the message below - actually the science literature and others could be wrong here too - his obituary (readily locatable via Google) implies that his family name was Tan and his given name Hok - however normally cited as all three names nevertheless...

Regards - Tony

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Interesting, agreed; a similar issue is multi part surnames and no forename, e.g. with the late Indonesian nannofossil worker Tan Sin Hok - all one name as I understand, but e.g. in Google Scholar as both SH Tan and TS Hok, both incorrect... (for the correct form see e.g. http://www.jstor.org/stable/1301284)

Actually in our agency some time back we had a Divisional Chief with 2 forenames and 2 non-hyphenated surname elements - very confusing! (initials FRHJ, commonly addressed as "Roy" - some may know him).

Regards - Tony

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makes life difficult for parsers! At least the Zoological Record (http://www.organismnames.com/query.htm?q=Bleheratherina&searchType=simple&so=a0) have parsed Aarn and Walter Ivantsoff as Aarn Ivantsoff  and Walter Ivantsoff 

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Yes, he is an Australian ichthyologist -- often publishing with Walter
Ivantsoff, also of Australia.
Aarn is an Aust aboriginal name -- just one name! His refs come first
in my Fishes of the world.

On Dec 1, 2009, at 4:30 PM, Robin Leech wrote:

> Joe and Gary,
> Does either of you know who the fish taxonomist called "Aarn" is?
> Robin


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