[Taxacom] Fwd: Assistant Museum Scientist position

Peter Rauch peterr at berkeley.edu
Mon Dec 7 11:41:13 CST 2009

>Date: Mon, 07 Dec 2009 08:34:39 -0800
>From: Mark Ohman <mohman at ucsd.edu>
>Subject: Re: Assistant Museum Scientist position
>I am not a member of your list, but this is a legitimate job advertisement that I wish to circulate.
>Mark Ohman

>>Subject:  Assistant Museum Scientist position 
>>From:  Mark Ohman <mailto:mohman at ucsd.edu><mohman at ucsd.edu> 
>>Date:  Mon, 7 Dec 2009 08:23:47 -0800 
>>To:  <mailto:taxacom at mailman.nhm.ku.edu>"taxacom at mailman.nhm.ku.edu" <mailto:taxacom at mailman.nhm.ku.edu><taxacom at mailman.nhm.ku.edu> 
>>Please circulate the advertisement for an Assistant Museum Scientist 
>>position with the Pelagic Invertebrates Collection of the Scripps 
>>Institution of Oceanography, U.C. San Diego.
>>The job will remain open until filled (i.e., it will not close on 8 
>>Dec., as indicated online).
>>Mark D. Ohman
>>Professor, and Curator of Pelagic Invertebrates
>>Scripps Institution of Oceanography
>>University of California, San Diego
>>La Jolla, CA  92093-0218  

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