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Tue Dec 8 15:21:29 CST 2009

Plant Systematist


The Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research at CSIRO Plant Industry seeks a qualified, skilled and motivated scientist to research molecular and morphological systematics of key groups of the Australian flora. The research will involve establishing the identity, diversity and origins of Australian plant groups - including characterizing relationships using morphology and molecular data, developing hypotheses and phylogenies of plant lineages in an evolutionary context. In particular we are seeking a researcher to initiate a research program focusing on the Australian members of the Asteraceae, one of the largest and less understood groups of the Australian flora. Projects will use the collection resources of the Australian National Herbarium (ANH), The Australian National Botanic Gardens (ANBG) and its partner Australian herbaria and overseas agencies.

Possible projects include systematics of major lineages of Australian Asteraceae, including plants of horticultural utility. These studies may include morphological and anatomical studies, investigation of polyploidy, ecotype differentiation, plant-animal interactions, population genetics and the application of Next Generation DNA sequencing technologies to address these questions. The successful applicant will work with a team and develop a collaborative research program.  Experience in Asteraceae systematic is beneficial but highly qualified applicants that are willing begin a new research program in Asteraceae systematics are encouraged to apply.
Location: Canberra, Australia
Salary: $83k to $90k
Reference: 2009/976
Close date: 31 December 2009
Contact: Should you require more information on this position please contact Dr Joe Miller by email: Joe.Miller at csiro.au<mailto:Joe.Miller at csiro.au>
Application information is available on https://recruitment.csiro.au/asp/job_details.asp?RefNo=2009/976

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