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Hallo Michael,
hab gerade den folgenden Hinweis bekommen, - wahrscheinlich nix Neues für
dich. Dachte nur dass es evtl. interessant sein könnte wegen des
BOLD-Projekts in ZSM. Fährst du da hin?

Viele Grüße,

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Date: 2009/12/7
Subject: [Taxacom] Hands-on Barcoding - Workshop
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„Hands-on Barcoding“ - International Workshop and Symposium on the
methods of Animal-barcoding
Frankfurt / Main, Germany
23.03. - 26.03.2010 Workshop (restricted to 20 participants)
25.03.2010 Symposium only (open to all)
A workshop funded by the Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre
Organizers: Markus Pfenninger, Christian Printzen, Adrian Pachzelt

DNA-Barcoding for taxonomic identification is an emerging application in
biodiversity research, which allows fast, objective and cheap species
identification. Practical application however, requires the building of
a reference-barcode-library, whose scientific relevance profits from the
unambiguous identification of the reference individuals by taxonomic
specialists. Yet the construction of the reference-barcode-library does
not seem to proceed in the speed possible or necessary.
This workshop aims at taxonomical specialists, particularly curators
from museums interested in getting insights in barcoding methodology.
The participants will learn
a) meaning of barcoding in the context of international research
b) documentation of samples
c) fotographic archiving of specimen
d) long term archiving of specimen
e) preparation of the tissue for DNA-barcoding
f) publishing in the barcode of life database (BOLD).

The participants are invited to bring their own animal sample. In the
end it will be possible to take the respective DNA-sequences with you.

The workshop is limited to 20 participants and registration will open on
1st of December 2009. Please download here the registration form. The
registration deadline is February 15th, 2010. The registration fee of
100 € does not include traveling costs and accommodation.

Near the end of the workshop there will be an open for broad public
one-day symposium (March 25th , 2010). Participants interested are
welcome to present either a talk or a poster.
Invited speakers for the Symposium are Prof. Mehrdad Hajibabaei
(University of Ottawa, Canada) and Prof. Miguel Vences (University of

The registration form, further information and updates can be found on
the following website:

Please send questions and/or the registration form to:
barcoding at senckenberg.de


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