[Taxacom] FW: Does anybody know this fungus?

Vinícius Antonio de Oliveira Dittrich vinarc at gmail.com
Fri Dec 11 09:22:06 CST 2009

   Hello taxacomers,

   I think is time to left a reply and acknowledge everybody that has made a
contribution to this topic. I would never imagine such a disagreement about
the identity of this beautiful fungus. I was intended only to receive a
possible name... But the controversy was very interesting. It seems that the
only thing everybody agree is that it’s a member of Polyporales (the valid
name to Aphyllophorales?). Two families (please anybody correct me if I’m
wrong) were suggested: Meruliaceae and Polyporaceae, in eight genera: *
Aurantiopilus*, *Aurantioporus*, *Laetiporus*, *Merulius*, *Phlebia*, *
Pycnoporellus*, *Pycnoporus*, and *Rubroporus*.
   I’m a pteridologist, not a mycologist… I’ve no idea about which name is
correct and, unfortunately, I’ve not collected it. Thank you again.

Best wishes,

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