[Taxacom] (almost) a christmas gift: googles

Thomas G. Lammers lammers at uwosh.edu
Mon Dec 14 09:48:16 CST 2009

At 08:06 AM 12/14/2009, Richard Jensen wrote:
>Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ..... sob sob sob sob sob.
>At first humorous, but then reality sets in as the deeper meaning gels.

The only sad thing I see is the simple-minded delusion that the wonderful 
complexity of the natural world (or at least the plant kingdom with its 
open system of modular growth and environmental inducible phenotypic 
plasticity) will EVER be amenable to that sort of automation.  Maybe fuzzy 
logic is more sophisticated than I thing, but I foresee a hard time 
"teaching" a computer to recognize all the possible facies of, e.g., the 
common dandelion.

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