[Taxacom] Tour to Sweden 2010 - In Linnaeus' Footsteps: Orchids, Fossils, and Birds of Southern Sweden

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In Linnaeus' Footsteps: Orchids, Fossils, and Birds of Southern Sweden*
Tour Leader: Dr. **Lena Struwe**. May 29 to **June 6, 2010***

This early summer tour will be discovering the native land of the Norse 
seafaring traders and warriors known as the Vikings as well as tracing 
the footsteps of the world-famous naturalist Carl Linnaeus, the world's 
first ethnobotanist and the father of modern taxonomy. The areas of 
Skåne, Småland, and the island of Öland in southern Sweden are famous 
for their migrating birds, orchid meadows, and rich cultural history, 
reaching back 10,000 years to the Stone Age. The area is characterized 
by its large biodiversity, both living and fossilized, and variety of 
habitats, from sandy beaches to limestone cliffs, meadows, steppe, and 
deciduous or conifer forests. Öland is of special importance for flora 
and fossils since it is one of the few places with Cambrian and 
Ordovician limestone, which creates unique vegetation types that affect 
the bird fauna as well.  

Sweden is among the most environmentally friendly countries in the world 
and examples of sustainable and highly developed 'green' projects will 
be visited. The tour fully integrates cultural and natural history with 
field experiences and guided tours by local experts.

You will learn about biodiversity and its history and preservation in 
Scandinavia, especially with regard to birds, orchids, and fossils, 
while experiencing the rich cultural heritage of the Vikings, fishermen, 
farmers and sustainable living in southern Sweden.

*Overnight stays:*  Möckelsnäs Mansion (Småland), Solberga organic farm 
(Öland), Aspö historical marine pilot station (Blekinge) and Agda Lund 
farm (Skåne ), all in B&B or well-equipped smaller hostels in historical 
buildings in beautiful surroundings.

*Itinerary: *Sweden: Skane (Skåne): Malmö - Smaland (Småland): Råshult, 
Lake Möckeln, Möckelsnäs Mansion, Stenbrohult, Strömbergshyttan Glass 
Studio, Växjo Cathedral, Örarevet  --  Oland (Öland): Ölands Skogsby 
<http://www.portentillalvaret.nu/>, Mörbylånga Trail, Bergsstigen, 
Degerhamn Ottenby Bird Observatory, Lunden, Alby 
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alby,_%25C3%2596land>, Eketorp, Stora 
Alvaret, Köpings Klint, Byrum, Neptuni Fields, Troll Forest, Borgholm 
castle <http://www.borgholmsslott.se/index.php?pid=23&lang=eng> -- 
Blekinge: Baltic archipelago, Aspö, Drottningskär's Fortress, Karlskrona 
 -- Skane (Skåne): Kivik, Ale's Stones, Haväng, Stenshuvud National Park 

*Dr. **Lena Struwe**, Associate Professor at Rutgers University, 
Director, Chrysler Herbarium*; PhD in systematic botany from Stockholm 
University, Sweden; B. Sc. in Biology and Earth Sciences, Stockholm 
University (fluent in English and Swedish), 30 years experience in 
Swedish field studies with special expertise in botany, ornithology, 
geology, and cultural history. She has over 25 years of experience in 
giving training courses, field trips, and lectures from kindergarten 
level to advanced professional audiences, especially in conservation, 
ethnobotany, medicinal plants, and botanical biodiversity and evolution.

(You can find much more information at 
http://www.bioexploration.org/Tours/sweden-orchids-overview.html . 
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!  Best, Lena)

Dr. Lena Struwe
Associate Professor
Dept. of Ecology, Evolution, & Natural Resources/ Dept. of Plant Biology & Pathology
Rutgers University 
237 Foran Hall, 59 Dudley Road
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8551, USA
phone: (732) 932-9711 ext. 235, fax: (732) 932-9441
e-mail: struwe at aesop.rutgers.edu  
home page: www.rci.rutgers.edu/~struwe    
GENTIAN RESEARCH NETWORK: http://gentian.rutgers.edu 
Director, CHRYSLER HERBARIUM: http://herbarium.rutgers.edu


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