[Taxacom] Proposed Amendment to the Code

Laurent Raty l.raty at skynet.be
Thu Dec 24 02:50:02 CST 2009


> "Split the taxonomic descriptions and actions from the paper and
> archive them separately in a freely accessible place."

But how do you achieve this under the present Code? Some nomenclaturally 
relevant questions just cannot be answered without seeing an entire work.
E.g., without the entire work, you actually never know the original 
spelling of a proposed name for sure, because the Code makes this OS 
directly dependent on the /absence/ of some elements, such as an 
alternative spelling, or evidence of an inadvertent error, in the 
original, /entire/ work.
There is no way to ascertain the absence of an element in an entire work 
that you can only see in part...

Laurent -
Laurent Raty
Brussels, Belgium

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