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Tony.Rees at csiro.au Tony.Rees at csiro.au
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Dear Rod,

Interesting as ever, but raises a few questions (hope you don't mind...)

- How scalable is this approach (i.e. does it depend on manual efforts - whose - how much scope here)

- It is actually more interesting to find all Opinions, etc. dealing with particular taxa - therefore the occurrence of taxon names (and associated information re. status etc.) is really the key for many, perhaps most potential users and cross linking purposes - some/all of this is already avaliable via the ICZN Official Lists and Indexes (though obviously access to the full text via BHL is also relevant) - so maybe the real need is for building electronic taxon indexes to the above (which are currently pdfs I believe), with relevant flags to indicate status and more

- How much of this overlaps the scope / planned activities of ZooBank for legacy content (as opposed to future nomenclatorial acts), and are the two approaches similar / compatible / divergent...

Basically as I see it this is a big problem that needs to be solved by appropriately big (or at least scalable) solutions, otherwise we just have a multitude of partial solutions, some better than others, but nothing coherent and synoptic (both prerequesites for any sort of "one stop shop" in my view). Or maybe everything is a contribution and Google does the aggregation for us (as now, really...).

Also if persons are encouraged to "crowdsource" relevant contributions, it needs to be clear what is the most effective (and durable) avenue for them to do so - in other words, which systems (including what you show) are really experiments / demonstrator projects and which are likely to be long term production systems (with appropriate governance, resourcing, "buy in" from relevant bodies/stakeholders, long term plans and the rest).

Your comments welcome re any of the above,

Regards and happy new year from

Tony Rees, Australia (and S. hemisphere summer).

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As part of my efforts to find articles in the Biodiversity Heritage
Library I've located some 1600 articles in the Bulletin of Zoological
Nomenclature http://biostor.org/issn/0007-5167

This is still rather incomplete, and the search interface to BioStor
is pretty rubbish. However, you can browse Opinion by viewing the
publications of two rather prolific authors:

Opinion http://biostor.org/author/1085
R V Melville http://biostor.org/author/505

Bibliographic details in BioStor can be edited, so feel free to make
corrections (you'll need to solve a CAPTCHA before your edits are
saved). As time permits I'm added "Opinion nnn." to the start of the
title of opinions, with a view to making them easier to find.
Unfortunately the local copy of BHL metadata that I'm using doesn't
have a taxonomic index for Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature
publications, so Opinions can't be found by searching for names.

At some point it would be fun to link Opinions to the original
Proposals, e.g. http://biostor.org/reference/2226  to http://biostor.org/reference/2242



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