[Taxacom] Species Pages - where are the online descriptions?

David Shorthouse dshorthouse at eol.org
Sun Feb 1 07:36:50 CST 2009

Maybe we need a similarly informative thread on what is a species page.

> Catalogue of Life has a goal of producing a page for every species and
> it aims to do this by combining pre-existing data I believe but I  
> wonder where this data is.

I seem to recall that there is an organization out there that is already trying to do this. Can you point me to a press release, grant proposal or white paper about this?

Here are a few good places to start: http://www.eol.org/content/partners, http://www.tdwg.org/biodiv-projects/projects-database/

David P. Shorthouse
Biodiversity Informatics Group
Marine Biological Laboratory / Encyclopedia of Life

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