[Taxacom] image hanlding, storage, and handling software

Gail Kampmeier gkamp at uiuc.edu
Wed Feb 4 05:24:06 CST 2009

What about Adobe Bridge?  I saw a demo of this last year when CS4 
debuted and it sounded like a great tool, and one I'd ignored in 
previous Adobe Creative Suites versions.  Here is a link that looks 
like it's worth exploring: 
to see if it does what you want, but perhaps others have actually 
used it for the complete purposes you outline.  Of course, unless 
your institution has a good deal with Adobe like ours does, this is 
an expensive option, so it may depend on how serious you are about 
your photographs whether you would have invested in it or not.


>Dear Taxacomers
>What is your preferred image software that allows handling images, adding
>metadata, export content to other pieces of software. I would like to get a
>piece of software that allows to download the images from my digital camera
>to the laptop, add metadata, reject unwanted images, and then add this data
>later to my main system or upload it to our web sites. It seems to be a
>tasked performed by any field biologist.
>Thanks for some hints
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