[Taxacom] Wikipedia rewrites [was: Species Pages - purpose]

Frederick W Schueler bckcdb at istar.ca
Wed Feb 4 08:44:36 CST 2009

Lyn.Craven at csiro.au wrote:
> The big negative about this approach is "information that can be corrected and/or confirmed by experts"... I thought about contributing to Wikipedia but when I realised that anyone could rewrite my text, I thought why bother.   ...I'm not sure that putting up something that might only last a few weeks before some zealot gets to it is worth the time investment.

* has anyone had the experience of having errors subsequently inserted 
into something they've put up on wikipedia? This is often mentioned, but 
I wonder how often it occurs (I've thought of contributing to wikipedia, 
but I've been spooked by the fear that it could become a full-time 

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