[Taxacom] Call for Nominations: GBIF Task Group on Data Publishing Framework

Vishwas Chavan (GBIF) vchavan at gbif.org
Wed Feb 4 10:52:06 CST 2009

GBIF has released the call for nominations for GBIF Task Group on 'Data
Publishing Framework' (http://www.gbif.org/News/NEWS1233752943). Please find
enclosed the ToR and call for nominations. Deadline for nominations through
GBIF Heads of Delegations is February 27, 2009. 


Objectives of the TG is to provide recommendations on needs and potentials
for bringing a cultural change towards free and open access to primary
biodiversity data through establishment of a 'Data Publishing Framework'
that addresses social, technical, and policy concerns on this topic.
Recommendations will include a practical mechanism to put in place a system
to incentivise individual and institutional efforts in data generation,
management and dissemination of data following open access principles.


I would appreciate if you could kindly circulate it widely and help in
informally indicating to me the experts who in your opinion would be able to
contribute towards the terms of reference of the TG.


With regards,






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