[Taxacom] Access to Paris Museum Collections Information

Thierry Bourgoin bourgoin at mnhn.fr
Mon Feb 9 10:31:29 CST 2009

Dear Colleagues,

This short message to inform you that since the 1st of January 2009,  
access to the collections and services at the Paris Museum (Museum  
National d'Histoire Naturelle, MNHN) are now managed through an  
Internet interface. Although it is not very convivial, its use is now  
mandatory for any official request about the collections (short and  
long visits (but not European-Synthesys ones), asks for loans, photos,  
and other various requests, ... The service will be extended to loan  
management in the next future.

Documents providing information are available when necessary during  
the process. You will have to register once only.
To access the site and register when necessary please go to:

> http://colhelper.mnhn.fr/

and follow the directives.

> Sincerely

     Pr Thierry Bourgoin
     Directeur Adjoint des Collections
     Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle

     Direction des Collections
     CP 43, Cour Fagon, 57 rue Cuvier
     F-75005, Paris, France
     Tel:  + 33 / (0) 1 4079 8021
     Fax: + 33 / (0) 1 4079 5671

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