[Taxacom] Google takes on peer reviewed journals?

Dr. David Campbell amblema at bama.ua.edu
Wed Feb 11 10:37:55 CST 2009

> 	As long as big journals provide a useful service, this tool will
> only enhance their effectiveness. But the more they take months to
> review our publications, and the more they give unqualified reviews,
> and the more they force us to clear irrelevant hurdles prior to
> publication, and the more they lock up our works behind fees and
> copyright transfers, the more this tool will provide an alternative
> to their services. 

Unfortunately, it also facilitates making bogus work look credible.  
Try a web search for "Journal of Scientific" to see some of what's 
already available if you want to publish claims that smoking is safe, 
the earth is young, etc.  

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