[Taxacom] Google Earth 5 solution to performance issues

Mark Watson M.Watson at rbge.ac.uk
Mon Feb 16 05:35:31 CST 2009

Last week I upgraded to Google Earth 5 (PC) and found that when I ran
it, it was hogging my system resources with almost continual CPU levels
of 98 or 99%. Obviously this made other applications open at the same
time run at a snails pace.


A few web forums have reported this problem, but the suggested solution
of using DirectX for rendering made no difference to me.


However, I tried playing with some of the preferences and options and
stumbled upon unticking the 'Water Surface' option under 'View' [it is
ticked by default]. This seems to have cured it and I am now back to


As Google Earth is used a lot by taxonomists I thought it would be worth
sharing this on Taxacom.





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