[Taxacom] Good practice?

Paul van Rijckevorsel dipteryx at freeler.nl
Thu Feb 19 09:15:09 CST 2009

From: "Urmas Kõljalg" <urmas.koljalg at ut.ee>
Sent: Wednesday, February 18, 2009 4:08 PM
> Description of the problem:
> Someone would like to publish the high number of new taxa in the
> single paper. There is no way to include full descriptions and
> illustrations in the paper because it covers also ecology and
> coevolution of the taxa. This means that the descriptions and
> illustrations should be included in the Supplementary material.

> Question:
> Is there "good practice" how such cases are solved so that they are
> also in accordance with botanical/zoological codes? For example, is
> it enough to have in the paper name of the new taxon, short latin
> description and information on the type?

> Thanks in advance!
> Urmas

The botanical Code allows a quite minimal format (in most cases). It looks
to me that the following should be enough:
* botanical name (see also Rec. 45A, 46D)
* diagnosis in Latin (see Art. 32, 36)
* type and location of type (see Art. 37)

But this would certainly not be 'good practice'.

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