[Taxacom] The future of taxonomy

Kenneth Kinman kennethkinman at webtv.net
Thu Feb 19 14:02:14 CST 2009

       I wasn't to trying to imply any kind of conspiracy
among funding agencies. It's not particular researchers being given
preferential treatment, but the preferential treatment given to "strict
cladism" in general.  However, the result is still the same, and the
most extreme manifestation (PhyloCode) is terribly short-sighted.    
       Likewise, I don't think most in the financial
community thought that all their "derivatives" would result in our
current financial crisis. It wasn't a broad conspiracy as much as it was
a willingness to ignore the warning signs and enjoy the party as long as
it lasted. Trouble is that we are now all paying dearly for their
short-sightedness. I think strict cladism is dangerous to the long term
health of taxonomy and an acceleration in instability is going have
wide-reaching consequences in the future. And all because strict
cladists dislike paraphyly and are unwilling to compromise on allowing
formal paraphyletic taxa. PhyloCode is in my opinion a horrible mixture
of simplistic thinking and complicated language (like much of the
legislation generated by the U.S. Congress). 
                  --------Ken Kinman 

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