[Taxacom] Species pages (index)

Kenneth Kinman kennethkinman at webtv.net
Sun Feb 22 20:56:16 CST 2009

Hi Roger,
       I only spent a little time entering a few scattered species into
your search so far, but actually found one proposed species of Homo that
I had never heard of (although with just a skull-cap, its validity is
regarded as very questionable).                                     
      But more to the point, one potential problem I found (which
frankly can even be problematic on Google) is scoring.  When I entered
Ursus maritimus, there are a lot of plants that score unexpectedly high
(because their specific names are also maritimus).  One plant even
scored higher than the Wikipedia article on "polar bear" (which really
surprised me).  However, with a little tweaking, those kinds of scoring
problems could probably be eliminated.

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