[Taxacom] Paris Harbarium

michele.rodda at libero.it michele.rodda at libero.it
Tue Feb 24 05:32:00 CST 2009

Dear all, 
I am trying to plan a visit to MNH Paris Herbarium, but I am having 
problems with the use of the colhelper interface. I sent a request about one 
month ago to plan a visit, but I never had a reply. I sent an email directly to 
the herbarium asking about the status of my request and in the reply I have 
been suggested to create an account  and send my visit request. This was 
probably an automatic reply generated by the system. I would like to know other 
people opinions about the system and if they had troubles using it.  I never 
had any problem planning a visit to any other european herbaria and I was 
surprised such an important institution has such a faulty interface with the 

Thank you, Michele

Michele Rodda
Dept. Plant Biology
University of Turin
Viale P.A. Mattioli 25
I-10125  Torino - ITALY
+39 (0)11.670.5316
Fax +39.011. 6705962
e-mail: michele.rodda at unito.it

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