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I tried the colhelper two months ago to try to initiate a loan from the 
MNHN invertebrates collection. The result was equally impressive: 
nothing happened. A simple calculation learns that by this day my 
message must be way beyond the heliopause, some 1555 billion miles from 
earth. It will reach proxima centauri in four years.
Simply going to Paris is a valid alternative: I was quite well received 
at the Museum a few years ago and life in Paris is OK.



>Dear all, 
>I am trying to plan a visit to MNH Paris Herbarium, but I am having 
>problems with the use of the colhelper interface. I sent a request about one 
>month ago to plan a visit, but I never had a reply. I sent an email directly to 
>the herbarium asking about the status of my request and in the reply I have 
>been suggested to create an account  and send my visit request. This was 
>probably an automatic reply generated by the system. I would like to know other 
>people opinions about the system and if they had troubles using it.  I never 
>had any problem planning a visit to any other european herbaria and I was 
>surprised such an important institution has such a faulty interface with the 
>Thank you, Michele
>Michele Rodda
>Dept. Plant Biology
>University of Turin
>Viale P.A. Mattioli 25
>I-10125  Torino - ITALY
>+39 (0)11.670.5316
>Fax +39.011. 6705962
>e-mail: michele.rodda at unito.it
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