[Taxacom] Questions re sharing bibliographic resources

Paul Kirk p.kirk at cabi.org
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Sounds like something the BHL should/could/might be planning to do ... which would have the advantage that the references are linked to the full text in human readable and variably accurate machine readable format.
In mycology we have CyberLiber ... ;-)


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I am looking for a way to share references with others working on the
same groups as me. There must be free, open source software out there
than can be used for this purpose - and people who can comment, on or
off line, about its pluses and minuses. Please, would you share you
knowledge. I have been looking at Connotea and it seems to be designed
for recent publications - those that are on the web. I am looking for
something, and perhaps Connotea is it, that can also be used for
publications without a doi. Why the interest?

1)      To save the time that is currently spent by many people, each
recording citations that someone else has already saved in one format or

2)      It would be a great way for those starting work on a group to
find out about relevant publications, including old publications.
Clearly links to a web-accessible version would be great, but knowing a
publication exists is an important step forward.

3)      It would be a way that people could draw attention to their
publications, including those that are published in journals that are
not widely distributed or are in a language other than English
(providing a title in English as well as the original language would be

Ideally, I would like to be able to link to the cited references and/or
the underlying article in building web pages. For those working on
grasses, the references cited in the Flora of North America volumes
online at http://utc.usu.edu/grassbib.html  It also contains some
additional references. It was posted from Endnote, contains some
duplicates and many special characters did not survive the migration.
Rather than spend time editing it, I would like to build a more open
resource, one that anyone (or possibly members of a group) can edit
and/or post or link to.



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