[Taxacom] Total number of name-bearing types

David Remsen dremsen at gbif.org
Sat Jan 3 08:22:01 CST 2009

Dear Taxacomers,

Does anyone know of a source or can anyone venture a guess that might  
provide any sort of estimate as to the:

1. total number of name bearing types from which species names are  
derived, and
2. total number of binomial or trinomial combinations derived from them

Chapman and others provide an estimate of 1.8 million or so described  
species.   What material and nomenclature is circumscribed by all of  
this?  The subject came up at the ICZ meetings in Paris in August but  
the estimates were pure guesses and I wondered if there was anything  
with a rationale behind it.   Is it a crazy question to even ask?

David Remsen

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