[Taxacom] Illustrating a phylogenetic tree with living plants?

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Björn, you may want to have a look at the new outlay
of "The system" of the Bonn (Germany) Botanical
Garden, which occupies the "parterre" of a baroque
castle (approximately 1600 m2, 1100 species); they
remodeled it recently.



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> with living plants?
> Dear list-members!  At the Swedish University of
> Agricultural Sciences in
> Alnarp we have a display garden, where researchers
> and teachers can show
> plant materials and information on current research
> projects to
> undergraduate students and the general public
> <http://trglab.ltjfak.slu.se/>. As part of a
> pedagogic project in a Garden
> Design class, I would like to build “a phylogenetic
> tree of the seed
> plants” in this display garden using living plants.
> It is to illustrate
> the tree-thinking in systematics but it is also a
> practical exercise for
> the student that will actually build it. The “tree”
> is to be a part of the
> display garden for several years so I plan to use
> perennial herbs and
> small shrubs and trees as materials. There is no
> need to reinvent the
> wheel, so I am asking you for some guidance as to
> what similar “trees”
> have been done before in gardens and parks around
> the world - from the
> tropics to the arctics? I would like to have earlier
> experiences as
> inspiration and then I can adjust my “tree” to
> available space, plant
> materials for the Swedish climate, budget, audience,
> and so on. Any hints
> regarding links to web pages, pdfs, etc. would be
> most appreciated!!!
> Björn
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