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Richard Pyle deepreef at bishopmuseum.org
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This is EXACTLY why I think it's good and healthy to have this conversation
every so often on Taxacom.  And this is also EXACTLY the reason why I always
leave these conversations with a slightly better understanding of the issue
than I had at the beginning.

Don, your post and associated analogy are elegant, enlightening, spot-on,
and required FAR fewer bytes of bandwidth than my clumsy pontifications.  My
hat's off to you, sir!


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> Peter De Vries (and others) seem to believe that a SPECIES 
> can breed in shallow water, bite humans, etc. But surely this 
> is just shorthand for the statement that MEMBERS of that 
> species breed in shallow water, etc. No matter how real, a 
> species has no mouthparts for biting people! For me, Aedes 
> aegypti is about as real (or unreal) as the Canberra Raiders 
> football team. These things are "clusters", sort of halfway 
> between individuals and classes. I wrote a paper on this once 
> , but can't give the reference (I'm away from my desk). It 
> was in Biology and Philosophy, a couple of years ago.
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> Richard you make several good points, and I should state that 
> I see species as more "real" thanot
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