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Here's the citation for Don's paper.

Colless, D. H. 2006. Taxa, individuals, clusters and a few other things. 
Biology and Philosophy 21: 353-367.

Well worth reading!

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Don.Colless at csiro.au wrote:
> Peter De Vries (and others) seem to believe that a SPECIES can breed in shallow water, bite humans, etc. But surely this is just shorthand for the statement that MEMBERS of that species breed in shallow water, etc. No matter how real, a species has no mouthparts for biting people! For me, Aedes aegypti is about as real (or unreal) as the Canberra Raiders football team. These things are "clusters", sort of halfway between individuals and classes. I wrote a paper on this once , but can't give the reference (I'm away from my desk). It was in Biology and Philosophy, a couple of years ago.
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> Richard you make several good points, and I should state that I see species
> as more "real" thanot
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