[Taxacom] The Zetetoscope operation manual

Gurcharan Singh-satyam singhg at satyam.net.in
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Dr Zander is trying to kill the prolonged discussion (started as early as
nineteenth century by Darwin) by a comic twist through Zetetoscope. I wish
him success, but boubt whether it will die down.

Gurcharan Singh

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>I have gotten offline requests for clarification of the zetetoscope.
> These are instructions for its use from a beta version of the manual:
> Press the Red button. Order specimens including types.
> Press the Orange button. Sort specimens and types into groups using
> whatever techniques seem appropriate.
> Press the Yellow button. Decide evolutionary relationships using
> whatever techniques seem appropriate.
> Press the Green button. Name smallest distinctive groups that seem
> evolutionarily coherent with the earliest name of an included type, then
> put other type names into synonymy, and arrange a hierarchy of groups
> using similarity and avoiding convergence with whatever techniques seem
> appropriate.
> Press the Blue button. Write this up.
> Press the Indigo Button. Send to a publisher.
> If accepted for publication, press the Violet button. A bell will ring.
> If rejected, press the Red button.
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