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If you sink Asclepiadaceae in Apocynaceae, how come you can still have a
monophyletic Asclepiadaceae. At the most it would be monophyletic
Asclepiadoideae within monophyletic Apocynaceae. That is the intention as
well as the solution.

Gurcharan Singh

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I am one of the researchers who worked on Asclepiadaceae and sadly
from my molecular results I was obliged to sink Asclepiadaceae within
Apocynaceae, but this resolve nothing.
Allright you have  now a monophyletic Apocynaceae instead of a
paraphylectic Apocynaceae s. str., and a "more or less" monophyletic
But none of the subfamilies used for Apocynaceae are monophyletics (the
asclep sub fam are) and still they are used as valid subfamilies.

Le 27 janv. 09, à 18:26, Gurcharan Singh-satyam a écrit :

> If Genera and families are as real as species, as Zander suggests, then I
> ask:
> "Why is Asclepiadaceae merged with Apocynaceae by most authors, and 
> treated
> distinct by others? I have to labour a lot to convince my students who ask
> me justification of not recognising Asclepiadaceae with pollinia, 
> translator
> mechanism, gynostegium, monodelphous stamens and much more as distinct
> family"
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