[Taxacom] Another papers request

Tatiana Konno tkonno at uol.com.br
Sat Jan 31 06:15:54 CST 2009

Dear all
I’m preparing a graduate course about clade asterid. Volume 57 of Taxon has
some papers I’d like to get.
Someone able to help?

Olmstead, Richard G.; Bohs, Lynn; Migid, Hala Abdel; Santiago-Valentin,
Eugenio; Garcia, Vicente F.; Collier, Sarah M. 2008. A molecular phylogeny
of the Solanaceae. Taxon 57(4):  1159-1181(23)

Borg, Agneta Julia1; McDade, Lucinda A. 2008. Molecular phylogenetics and
morphological evolution of Thunbergioideae (Acanthaceae) . Taxon 57(3):

Kadereit, Joachim W.1; Repplinger, Miriam1; Schmalz, Natalie1; Uhink,
Christian H.1; Wörz, Arno. 2008 . The phylogeny and biogeography of Apiaceae
subf. Saniculoideae tribe Saniculeae: from south to north and south again.
Taxon 57(2): 365-382(18)

Lens, Frederic1; Kårehed, Jesper2; Baas, Pieter3; Jansen, Steven4; Rabaey,
David5; Huysmans, Suzy5; Hamann, Thomas3; Smets, Erik1. 2008. The wood
anatomy of the polyphyletic Icacinaceae s.l., and their relationships within
asterids. Taxon 57(2): 525-552(28)

Winkworth, Richard C.1; Lundberg, Johannes2; Donoghue, Michael J. 2008.
Toward a resolution of Campanulid phylogeny, with special reference to the
placement of Dipsacales. Taxon 57(1): 53-65(13)

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