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Mike Dallwitz m.j.dallwitz at netspeed.com.au
Wed Jul 1 19:25:02 CDT 2009

David Patterson (EOL) wrote:

> We are currently at work on building the multihierarchy component of the 
> architecture. It will permit cross-walks between alternative hierarchies 
> (classifications). It's a moderate chore to build the system; an even 
> bigger one to populate it with classifications. However, it will allow 
> our users to browse around information using a classification that they 
> feel meets their needs.

This can be done in interactive keys by recording the classifications as 
'characters' - see, for example,

To view only the classification characters in this interactive key, click 
the 'Use a subset of the characters' button, click 'classification', and 
click 'OK'.

To find the taxa belonging to a branch of a classification, click the 
required character, click the required state, and click 'OK'. For example, 
click 'Dahlgren’s Order of Magnoliiflorae', then 'Annonales', then 'OK'. In 
the 'Used Characters' pane, the program lists all the components of that 
branch of the classification (which it knows because of 'character 
     Subclass Dicotyledonae
     Dahlgren’s Superorder Magnoliiflorae
In the 'Remaining Taxa' pane, it lists the taxa on that branch of the 
     Annonaceae Juss.
     Canellaceae Mart.
     Eupomatiaceae Endl.
     Myristicaceae R. Br.

Thus, the program allows the user to 'browse around information'. However, a 
sufficiently powerful interactive-key program allows the user to do more 
with the classifications - see, for example,

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