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The approach in EOL has been to use a taxonomic reference structure, and then append 'data objects' to it.  This process separates names, hierarchies, and data objects to provide very considerable flexibility in how information can be presented.

We are currently at work on building the multihierarchy component of the architecture.  It will permit cross-walks between alternative hierarchies (classifications).  It's a moderate chore to build the system; an even bigger one to populate it with classifications.  However, it  will allow our users to browse around information using a classification that they feel meets their needs.  That is, A primary intent is to move away from having to use a single point of view.  

David Patterson (EOL)

That sounds like a very good idea. On and off, I have been looking at classifications for seed plants, and although there are very many
classifications, the actual variation is not nearly as great as it 
might appear at first sight (a quick overview of recent 
classifications is available at http://www.plantsystematics.org/reveal/PBIO/usda/usdaindex.html), 
so the total amount of work may be a pleasant surprise (provided the
classifications are used as a starting point). The one thing to bear 
in mind is to incorporate unranked groups. Trying to build a strictly
ranked hierarchy may be a recipe for disaster.

Paul van Rijckevorsel

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