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In reference to Michael Ivie's comments on the confusion of Lesser
Antilles biogeography, by strange coincidence I was filing a backlog of
various papers and came across Roughgarden's (1995) chapter on Anolis
lizards. I had started mapping out the phylogeny years ago but never got
around to finishing it. So like bees to honey.....(done quickly so
apologies for errors).


I would not be surprised if the phylogeny of 1995 has been 'revised',
but as it stood it was nevertheless interesting for extensive vicariism
across islands between Curacao and Puerto Rico that are usually
attributed to 'chance' dispersal for their biotic origins.


Roquet Group


One lineage - Bonaire-La Blanquilla-St Lucia.

One lineage St Vincent-Grenada

One lineage Martinique-Barbados-Grenada


Bimaculatus Group


One lineage - Dominica-Marie Galante-Ise de Saintes-Guadeloupe-Montserat

One lineage - Redonda-St Martin-Saba-Antigua-St Kitts

One lineage - St Martin-St Kitts-Antigua (track arcs more to east of
previous missing Sabah and Redonda)


Cristatellus Group 

Puerto Rico lineage 1 - Perto Rico-Bahams-Virgin Islands

Puerto Rico lineage 2 - Puerto Rico-Isla Mona-Descheeo

Puerto Rico lineage 3 - Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico lineage 4 - Puerto Rico-St Croix 

Puerto Rico lineage 5 - Puerto Rico-Culebra Island


Occultus Group 

Puerto Rico


Lineatus Group





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