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Oh, left the years off: also included with the names on the disambiguation pages of many things besides taxa, this is where the years or simply listing that one is a senior synonym, or listing, beside the junior synonym, its currently accepted name would be the equivalent.

There are many ways to go that would make a taxa disambiguation page more useful than a shot in the dark, particularly when what you don't know is what type of organism it is.


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> Kleo Pullin wrote:
> >It's not overloading the page for the reader to let
> them know that one 
> >Robert Smith is a mathematician and another an
> architect.  Adding "senior 
> >synonym" provides the same amount of information and
> does not overload 
> >either the page or the reader.
> Architect and mathematician are like crab and fly, kinds
> that the
> non-taxonomist may have a clue about.  Senior homonym
> and junior
> homonym are (pardon me, folks) not in the same league as
> crab and
> fly.  The same for authorities, namely Roux and
> Robineau-Desvoidy.
>     Una Smith
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