[Taxacom] panbiogeography

John Grehan jgrehan at sciencebuff.org
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In this case I had confused a public emailing (to the list) with a
'private' one sent in relation to a list. In the past some people forget
to 'reply all' and so have no problem with a response sent back to the
list. So I now made it clear that I did not want to receive private
complaints, but I got one nevertheless (and it was quite sarcastic). I'm
actually ok with receiving off list responses that are of a collegial
nature, but naturally not those that are not. To my mind it is only
polite for people responding off-list to a list discussion to say that
they intend their response to be private. In some cases people make this
explicit  and there is no problem.

John Grehan

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My apologies to John in this specific case; I conflated two messages and
assumed that Michael's email was sent to John privately. The principle
still holds, however, and should any list member post a private
communication, the address I provided may be of use.

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