[Taxacom] Wikipedia classification

Una Smith una.smith at att.net
Mon Jul 6 10:14:45 CDT 2009

Rod Page wrote:
>One issue with Wikipedia (and Wikispecies) is what to include.

I think we have sloshed back and forth a bit about the scopes of
these two projects.  Wikispecies was spun off from Wikipedia at
a time when many Wikipedia editors thought Wikipedia should give
just the "correct" taxonomy.  But as we all know, "correct" is
rather subjective.  Lately we have begun trying to capture in a
useful way the many synonyms, both scientific and vernacular.
It turns out these synonyms are needed to help readers find the
article they are looking for.  Some Wikipedia articles link to
Wikispecies as a sort of external navigational aid, but so far
that does not appear to be the winning model.

At this point, I favor Wikipedia as encyclopedia of everything.

	Una Smith

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