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If WP is to be EoE then it will have to do the job properly.
Everything means *everythng*, including taxonomy in all its horrifying
gruesome glory... :)


On Tue, Jul 7, 2009 at 1:14 AM, Una Smith<una.smith at att.net> wrote:
> Rod Page wrote:
>>One issue with Wikipedia (and Wikispecies) is what to include.
> I think we have sloshed back and forth a bit about the scopes of
> these two projects.  Wikispecies was spun off from Wikipedia at
> a time when many Wikipedia editors thought Wikipedia should give
> just the "correct" taxonomy.  But as we all know, "correct" is
> rather subjective.  Lately we have begun trying to capture in a
> useful way the many synonyms, both scientific and vernacular.
> It turns out these synonyms are needed to help readers find the
> article they are looking for.  Some Wikipedia articles link to
> Wikispecies as a sort of external navigational aid, but so far
> that does not appear to be the winning model.
> At this point, I favor Wikipedia as encyclopedia of everything.
>        Una Smith
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