[Taxacom] Wikispecies quickly reveals taxonomic clashes

Stephen Thorpe s.thorpe at auckland.ac.nz
Fri Jul 10 00:20:18 CDT 2009

Hello All,

As the currently most active editor on Wikispecies, I would like to  
point out one of the many advantages of Wikispecies over similar  
initiatives. It has to do with the fact that Wikispecies is easily  
kept right up-to-date, if there is the will to do so. Today, a paper  
was published in Zootaxa which clashes with a recently published paper  
in ZooKeys. Wikispecies was the first to discover the clash. Details  

Today, Zootaxa published a paper by Lin & Li, which was evidently  
unaware of the recent paper in ZooKeys by Miller, Griswold & Yin  
(2009). There is potential synonymy, made worse by the fact that some  
of Lin & Li's new species of Patu key to Crassignatha in Miller et al.  
(2009). Specifically, Patu spinathoraxi Lin & Li is a potential  
synonym of Crassignatha longtou Miller, Griswold & Yin; and Patu  
bicorniventris Lin & Li is a potential synonym of Crassignatha ertou  
Miller, Griswold & Yin. There may be other such cases.




Stephen Thorpe

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