[Taxacom] generalizing from Bivalved molluscs

Frederick W Schueler bckcdb at istar.ca
Sat Jul 11 08:31:11 CDT 2009

Kenneth Kinman wrote:

>   From this perspective, euthyneuran gastropods are
> not detorted, but simply show the beginnings of torsion that some
> euthyneurans passed on to their fully torted gastropod descendants.  On
> the other hand, Hyman's view that bivalves are decephalized molluscs
> seems merely to be unchallenged dogma with little to back it up.  
> Another case of improbable decephalization is Simon Conway
> Morris's view that halkieriid "worms" folded up to become brachiopods.

* is there any well-corroborated case of decephalization in a 
nonparasitic lineage?

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