[Taxacom] Catalogue of Life (CoL) management classification draft document

Tony.Rees at csiro.au Tony.Rees at csiro.au
Sat Jul 18 01:49:56 CDT 2009

Dear Taxacomers,

For those who may not have yet come across it, I thought it might be worth mentioning that a draft discussion document entitled "Towards a management hierarchy (classification) for the Catalogue of Life" by Dennis Gordon is now available on the CoL website (and also the CD-ROM distribution version for 2009) at the following URL:


There is no stated procedure for commenting on this draft or to whom such comments should be addressed, but it makes good reading for those interested in such matters, and might stimulate some relevant discussion as well, updated since the last time this issue was raised on the list around one year ago. I'd be particularly interested in the question of whether a consensus now exists to follow e.g. Cavalier-Smith in treating the protists, or whether there are other views on this that are also worthy of consideration (since I would appreciate some guidance in this area myself).

Regards - Tony Rees

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Sent: Saturday, 18 July 2009 1:28 AM
Subject: [Taxacom] Drawing of Myriophyllum fruits

I am looking for drawings of fruits ("mericarps") of the following
water-milfoil (Myriophyllum) species:

Myriophyllum heterophyllum

Myriophyllum pinnatum

Myriophyllum quitense

Myriophyllum ussuriense

I would greatly appreciate if some of those botanists who like to have their
feet wet could help me.

Many thanks,

Adolf Ceska, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


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