[Taxacom] Catalogue of Life (CoL) management classification draft document

Kenneth Kinman kennethkinman at webtv.net
Sat Jul 18 08:51:58 CDT 2009

Tony Rees wrote:
I'd be particularly interested in the question of whether a consensus
now exists to follow e.g. Cavalier-Smith in treating the protists, or
whether there are other views on this that are also worthy of
consideration (since I would appreciate some guidance in this area
Hi Tony,
      Cavalier-Smith is certainly a major authority on protists, so it's
probably hard to go wrong in following his classification of protists.
HOWEVER, I have never seen much point in dividing Kingdom Protista into
two kingdoms (Protozoa and Chromista).  The Five Kingdom classification
works just fine, and splitting off Chromista as a sixth kingdom just
muddies the water unnecessarily.  It would be just as informative to
divide Kingdom Protista into Subkingdoms Protozoa and Chromista.  As
your question shows, almost everyone still calls them "protists", so
maintaining a single Kingdom Protista just makes more sense to me.  
                        Ken Kinman

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