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Richard Pyle deepreef at bishopmuseum.org
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Cladistics isn't the bad guy.  Strict representation of holophyletic clades
via Linnean nomenclature is the bad guy.

And on that note, I leave in a few hours for a very remote part of Papua New
Guinea, with no electricity (let alone internet), so although I won't be
able to participate in any discussion on this contentious (to some) comment,
I promise that I will contemplate it from time to time.


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> some of the replies to my last email lead me to make the 
> following comment:
> the classification of life into "kingdoms" (or "regna") 
> doesn't really work. For a start, there are the "problematic" 
> viruses - in or out of the biotic realm??? But, just to talk 
> about eucaryotes, it is completely obvious that "Protista" 
> are paraphyletic with respect to Animalia (=Metazoa), 
> Plantae, and Fungi. This leads to a dilemma:  
> either (1) animals and plants are no longer to be considered 
> kingdoms of life (which takes us disturbingly far away from 
> the original meaning of "kingdom"), or (2) we must elevate a 
> plethora of obscure "protist" groups to the level of kingdom, 
> and run the risk of our beloved animals and plants just being 
> sub-sub-sub-...clades of some newly recognised kingdom!
> Someone please go back in time an kill Hennig, before he 
> invented cladistics!!! [just kidding!]
> S
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