[Taxacom] Kingdom Protista (alternate topology and coding)

Kenneth Kinman kennethkinman at webtv.net
Mon Jul 20 20:20:32 CDT 2009

Dear All, 
       A lot has been happening since my classification of
early 2006, and I haven't yet had time to catch up on all the
literature. However, from what I have read so far, it now seems very
possible that Phylum Rhizaria is not the sister group of the rest of the
bikont clade. In the alternate "SAR hypothesis", one would need to move
Rhizaria to a more derived position, probably as sister group to Phylum
Heterokonta (see below).            
     This would be yet another reason NOT to recognize a Kingdom
Chromista, as that taxon would not be holophyletic anyway. But even with
this alternative topology and recoding, note that I am still recognizing
the same 16 phyla.  However, be aware that some changes to the four
phyla of clade 3 (excavates) may become necessary.   Suggestions are
                         Ken Kinman             

                 KINGDOM PROTISTA 

   1   Choanozoa%% (= Mesomycetozoa)
 _a_   {{EUMYCOTA}}
 _b_   {{METAZOA}}
   2   Amoebozoa
   3   Loukozoa (jakobids and allies)
   B   Metamonada (incl. Parabasalia)
   C   Percolozoa
   D   Euglenozoa
   4   Glaucophyta
   B   Rhodophyta
   C   Chlorophyta%
 _a_   {{METAPHYTA}}
   5   Cryptophyta
   B   Haptophyta
   6   Rhizaria
   B   Heterokonta (stramenopiles)
   7   Ciliophora
   8   Dinozoa (or Dinophyta)
   9   Sporozoa   
NOTES: Clades 6-9 make up the recently discovered "SAR" clade. Clades
5-9 are the chromalveolates plus Rhizaria, so we could perhaps refer to
that as the chromalveolate clade sensu lato. Likewise clades 4-9 could
perhaps be called the photokaryote clade (sensu lato). And of course,
clades 3-9 would still form the bikont clade. 

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