[Taxacom] distribution of Proterhinus (Coleoptera)

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Yes, the placement of Proterhinus is now in the Belidae: Oxycoryninae: Aglycyderini (see Marvaldi et al, 2006, Invertebrate Systematics, 20: 447-476).  This paper includes a cladogram of all genera in the Oxycoryninae.  
As far as distribution goes the list given by Zimmerman is pretty good, although I'm not sure about New Caledonia and I think that Canary Is is an error.  To quote from Marvaldi et al:  "Proterhinus consists of 167 described species, the great majority from Hawaii but eight from Polynesia: three from the Marquesas (Perkins 1932, 1936) and three from the Society and Austral Islands (Zimmerman and Perrault 1989) in eastern Polynesia, and one from Phoenix Island (Perkins 1931) and one from Samoa (Perkins 1907) in western Polynesia (the latter (P. samoae) dispersed by humans with coconuts throughout Polynesia and into Melanesia and Micronesia (Zimmerman and Perrault 1989)). Further undescribed species have been recorded from Fiji and the Austral Islands (Zimmerman 1935; Zimmerman and Perrault 1989)."
The putative sister-group of Proterhinus is Aralius, which is found in New Zealand and New Caledonia, and the other genus in the tribe, Aglycyderes, is found in the Canary Is and Morocco.


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>Dear colleagues,
>I'm trying to find the distribution of the beetle Proterhinus
>(Proterhinidae). Nothing on Wikispecies, EOL, COL, GBIF, or the
>other websites referred to in recent taxacom correspondence, or
>Google scholar.  Zimmerman (1948) lists it from Hawaii (164 endemic
>species!), plus New Zealand, New Caledonia, Fiji, Samoa, Phoenix
>Is.,  Austral Is., Society Is., and Marquesas Is., also Canary Is.
>I'd be grateful for any further information.

Is it possible that the use of an archaic family name is impeding the
search? I've seen the family name for this genus listed as Belidae,
Oxycorynidae, and Aglycyderidae (these latter two now often treated
as subfamilies of Belidae), but never heard of "Proterhinidae" until
today. A little quick digging suggests that that name was last in
*common* use as a family name around 1910, and was formally replaced
by Aglycyderidae by Crowson back in 1981.


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