[Taxacom] Scientific illustration

Doug Yanega dyanega at ucr.edu
Wed Jul 22 12:10:29 CDT 2009

Bob Mesibov wrote:

>Line drawings of millipede genitalia are not only the most useful 
>parts of a species description, they're often the *only* parts that 
>other specialists look at. They need to show the diagnostic features 
>in just the right way.

Don't worry, Bob: when the COI barcodes replace morphological 
diagnostic features, we can all stop looking at - and drawing 
pictures of - genitalia. Then we can tell people about our work 
without fear of embarrassment.

[For the humor-impaired: YES, I'M BEING FACETIOUS. I know full well 
that no matter how taxonomy evolves in the future, we will always be 
obsessed with genitalia.]  ;-)


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