[Taxacom] Electronic drawing

Poore, Gary gpoore at museum.vic.gov.au
Wed Jul 22 18:39:00 CDT 2009

I thoroughly recommend the use of Adobe Illustrator to "ink"
electronically line drawings made using a pencil and camera lucida in
the traditional way. The electronic lines are vectors, not bit-maps,
endlessly editable and scaleable, easy to manipulate into plates. One
the method is mastered it is much quicker and more flexible than what I
used to do, inking with a Rotring pen that forever needed cleaning,
could not be rescaled or edited. See the two papers by Coleman for a
valuable introduction.

Coleman, C.O. 2003. "Digital inking": how to make perfect line drawings
on computers. Organisms, Diversity and Evolution 3: Electronic
supplement 1-14.
Coleman, C.O. 2006. Substituting time-consuming pencil drawings in
arthropod taxonomy using stacks of digital photographs. Zootaxa 1360:

Gary C. B. Poore
Museum Victoria 
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