[Taxacom] Scientific Illustrating

R J Ferry rferry at miosjournal.org
Thu Jul 23 20:42:11 CDT 2009

Alan: I'd appreciate a completed copy of your manuscript as well! I'm 
using the latest update of the i-Solution Video equipment (& software, 
of course). It operates equally well on my Zeiss compound scope and 
Nikon Dissecting scope. I'm awaiting a threaded rod and an adapter for 
my camera lenses (Nikon D70S). When that arrive I'll be able to do some 
direct book/journal page copying rather than forcing things into my 
flatbed (old) scanner. The i-Solution lets me fine-focus on the computer 
screen, modify images into 3-D, and much more! Outlining an object (a 
cell, for example) and closing on the outline, gives the area (in 
whatever measurements are desired) the mean, and standard deviation. 
It's a sharp system, but it's not (so far as I know at present) a real 
drawing system. At present, for drawing I have to resort to the 
mirror-lucite attachment to the dissecting scope. I think I need 
sketch-pad and stylis equipment, but my supervisor (wife!) doesn't think 
I need to afford those toys just now after my foolish spending on needed 
dental work and a brief hospital-surgical stay. All advice relative to 
sketching/drawing equipment will be much appreciated! Regards, Bob Ferry 
(botanical work)

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